InforMe 1.0 - Get Informed about Essentials!
Tiny Interface
Internet Radio/TV
Play YouTube Videos
Watch YouTube while doing other work
Read latest news through Rss Reader
Get informed about your system status
Search Google easily like never before

Tiny interface does not disturb you

Play your favorite radio station or song with a single click


How to open playlist and play a radio station or song?

To open playlist simply click on main body or you can right click and select Show/Hide Playlist item in the popup menu. You can play a song or radio station by clicking on its name.

Play YouTube video easily and get intertained while doing other work.

How do I play Youtube video through InforMe?

You can play Youtube video by clicking on the red colored magnifier to search your favourite video. You will see the list and a search field at the bottom. Just type in your search query and hit enter. InforMe will then search youtube and list the found results. You can then click on each found video to watch in InforMe TV screen.

Quick extended system information by moving mouse over


How do i get this information balloon?

You can get this information balloon by hovering your mouse pointer over the regions that show information about CPU, Memory and Network.

Customize playlist and settings easily


How do I get to the settings and what all these controls mean?

You can get to the settings by right clicking on the main body and select Settings.

  • Network adapter combo box lets you select the adapter you want to monitor it's send and recieve speed.
  • Run on startup option sets it to run everytime you start your computer.
  • You can reorder the playlist with the two up and down buttons located left to the playlist. You can add multiple songs through Add + button. To edit a song double click on top of a song in the playlist.
  • The Browse button at the left lets you browse for radio or song files, add it to the playlis.
  • You can set the Rss update frequency from the combo box to its left to tell InforMe how frequent should it download the Rss feeds.
  • You can add your own Rss feeds in the Rss Settings. Simply type in the title and URL to the feed.

Read your favourite RSS feeds

How do I open the RSS reader and my custom RSS feed?

You can open RSS reader by clicking on the RSS button located at the right hand side of the main body. To read an item simply click on it and it will be opened in InforMe Rss Browser.


Search Google instantly by pressing Shift+Ctrl key combination or clicking on the Magnifier button

How do I search the web?

You can search the web instantly by holding Shift key and pressing Ctrl key. This will bring the search dialog box where you can type your search query and hit Enter or click on the magnifier button to the left.

You can also open the search dialog box by clicking the magnifier button to the left side of the main InforMe body.

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